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Arranging a Space for Study

Some of the necessary factors that should be kept in mind while arranging a space for study are as follows:

Dimensions of study table: The height and size of any study table is of great significance, since it should be comfortable for the child even for a marathon study and learning sessions. Ideally the right height for a table is somewhere between the waist and the rib-cage area, as that makes sure the wrists are below the elbow level. We don’t want our child to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, now would we?

Appropriate Chair design: According to studydaddy selecting a chair is also important as it should be comfortable enough for lengthy study sessions while at the same time not drive the child to sleep. Avoiding fancy designs like revolving chairs or even sofa styled ones is the best policy especially when it concerns an activity involving concentration and deep focus.

Eyesight and vision protection: According to studydaddy these days, parents leave no stone unturned in providing their child with all the modern technology and latest gadgetry, so probably most kids have a computer at their study table. Although an appropriate distance needs to be maintained between the child and the monitor screen to ensure healthy eyes and vision.

School Stationary: School stationary and necessary supplies should be made handily available, to avoid last moment confusion and panic. Items like pencil, erasers, sharpeners, glue, even highlighters and pen if required, should be neatly placed. Monitoring their stock levels is a parental job.

Customize: Since the place of study is going to be your “warzone” and brain storming area from hereon, its better to personalize the space in a manner that you deem fit. Putting family or friends pictures in a corner, successful assignment papers, high grade test results or anything that helps to motivate the child and bring out the best in them may be used.


Time table: A properly organized study time table or a chart should be prepared in advance. This schedule then has to be followed to the hilt to attain the desired results in terms of homework completion, achieving and maintaining targeted school performance levels and fostering an overall learning environment among the students.

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