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The icon is made of dark stone like rock. So blessed is the sanctuary that it structures one of the four noticeable spots of Hindu love. The epic Mahabharat, it is accepted, was made in the Vyas and ganesh buckles nearby. The Vishnu Ganga Chardham yatra by helicopter which later turns into the Alaknanda streams underneath the sanctuary. Right around 3 km north of Badrinath, mana is the last Indian town before the Tibetan boundary. The Vasudhara falls are very fantastic. On the end day the occupants of Mana offer a choli to the god to cover the diety all the colder time of year. It is required off on the first day of the season and its strands are dispersed among the Yatris (travelers) as a maha prasadam. Joshimath is the colder time of year divinity of Badrinath.

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